5 HP Solar Water Pump

A solar system with water pumps converts your grid operated pump into solar operated pump which provides high and reliable output OR Solar water pumping systems are used where grid power is not available, or the grid is not reliable. Solar pump systems use Solar Panels to convert sunlight into electricity to power AC/ DC pumps which can be used to pump surface or groundwater. Solar Panels generate dc voltage and then dc voltage is converted to ac voltage by a solar pump controller which is designed upon how much voltage is required for the solar pump. The solar pump has dual-mode operation can be operating on electric power at night and solar power in the day time. Solar pump Controller has Inbuilt MPPT technology to get maximum power output from the solar Panels and all protection like over-voltage, under-voltage, reverse polarity, and dry running protection.

Approximate price: Rs. 2,00,000/-

Applications: agriculture, water lifting

5-HP-Solar-Water-Pump specifications

wattage of solar panels 5200 watts
PCU Make Hartz Electronics Pvt Ltd
Structure Type Roof/Ground
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Digital Control Yes
Condition New
Advantages: Irrigation possible at Remote locations
Environment friendly operations
Conventional grid electricity is not required
Highly reliable and durable
AC High Efficient Motor Pump
Eco-friendly (Zero Noise Pollution -Zero CO2 Emission )
Complete Independence from grid connection for water supply
25 years power output warranty on the SOLAR PANELS
No fuel Required
Almost no maintenance required
Provide consistent water
Operating DC Voltage 500 to 700 VDC